Rental FAQ

Is there a refund for earlier drop off?

No, there are no refunds if you return your campervan earlier than the reserved period.

When is the drop off time?

  • The rental vehicle must be dropped off between 9am-11am on the day of the scheduled drop off.

  • If the renter does not return the rental vehicle on time, the renter will pay a late fee of $50 per hour late.

  • If the renter does not return the rental vehicle on the day due, the vehicle will be reported stolen and a warrant may be issued for arrest of the renter for unlawful possession of the rental vehicle.

Do I have to return the campervan with a full fuel tank?

Yes, if the campervan is returned without being refueled, a refueling fee of $50 + the cost of gas will be deducted from the security deposit.

Do I need to clean the campervan?

  • Before drop off, please do the dishes, remove all your garbage and empty the fridge. That's all!

  • Before drop off, it is not necessary

    • to wash the exterior of the rental vehicle.

    • to wash the bedding and towels.

  • Excessive dirt in the interior of the van and on the equipment (stove, tent, interior seat cushions, and dishes) will result in additional cleaning fees taken out of your security deposit. The cleaning fee is $150.