Experience Canada in a Campervan and Roof Top Tent

A road trip without the need to look for a hotel. Park and sleep under the stars.

Isn't that freedom?

If you like tenting, you will definitely love this.

Take tenting to the next level - literally.


Located in Calgary, Alberta we are just 10 minutes from the Calgary International Airport and also at the doorstep to the magnificent Canadian Rockies. You can sleep in a tent above the ground and be left alone by crawling critters and feel safer from wildlife. Established in 2018, Backpacker's Loft is the very first campervan rental in Calgary offering a roof top tent.

No matter if it is just a short romantic escape or a month-long adventure,

Backpacker’s Loft provides you with all the basics you need for your road trip adventure.

Just bring your backpack. Then go shopping and fill up your fridge.

The custom-converted unique layout of the Dodge Grand Caravans will make you to the coolest camper in the Rockies and will draw the attention of many fellow campers.

​Expect to be the star of the campground.

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2018 Backpacker's Loft Campervans